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Coffee brings so many people together. Whether it’s a brunch to catch up with a friend or a blog that only talks about coffee. This Coffee 101 page is here to give it all to you!

The one thing we can all agree on is that coffee is delicious. But, it can take a lot of patience and experimentation to find just the right fit for your taste buds. To shorten that process for you, we’re going to give you as many tips and tricks we can. Different types of coffee provide different tastes, and require different brewing and roasting methods. There is a ton of information about coffee and we’re going to try to put them all here.

Is that all you’re going to have on this page? No. We’re also going to have recommendations for some really cool coffee spots. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, so why not enjoy it with a view or a vibe?

Seelect Tea's Coffee 101

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Views and Vibes


Thanks for visiting our blog! We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks, and coffee spot recommendations. If there’s any information you’d like us to add to here, send us a message through the form on our contact page! We’ll try to post an update as soon as we can.

We’ll keep adding any other information we find, experience, and what our followers would like to share to Coffee 101. If you can’t find something, subscribe below to get notified when we post something new! (We promise not to spam you 😊)

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