That time of year has finally come around once again. It’s finals time! Finals can mean many things. Surely, you could be graduating, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to get through a few study sessions first. With this in mind, let’s talk about good teas for studying!

As we all know, studying requires a good amount of concentration and dedication. I don’t know about you, but studying for me was always hard because I was easily distracted. Luckily, these teas will help with your focus, clarity, stress, and even your mood.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is a medicinal herb, so it has many healing properties. It doesn’t contain any caffeine and has a wealth of herbal properties that will help you stay attentive and even increase your alertness. Moreover, if you have already had enough caffeine for the day, or are just trying to cut down, this tea is perfect for you. With no crash and no jitters, peppermint tea is perfect for getting through those late night study sessions.

Green Tea

You probably already guessed that green tea was going to be included, and you’re so right! Not only does green tea have plenty of caffeine, but it also contains l-theanine. L-theanine allows you to reach a deep state of focus while you are studying, as well as keep you calm. Furthermore, green tea also has a catechin by the name of ECGC, which is super beneficial for learning and memory!

Black Tea

This one’s a classic and about as close to coffee as you can get without actually having it! It has far more caffeine than green tea, so it’s great for an energy boost. However, it also contains all the benefits I mentioned in the teas above! A cup of black tea will have a bolder, more full-bodied taste that will wake you up, improve your attention, and get your though your study sesh!

Honorable Mentions

The three teas we talked about are your basic go-to’s that are accessible to almost anyone. Now let’s talk about some other teas that aren’t as popular, but can help you through that dreaded finals week!

First up is tumeric. Turmeric is not the most common or pleasant taste, but it is so beneficial for your health! When sipping on a turmeric tea you’ll experience notes of earthiness, pepper, and bitter musk. Turmeric is mostly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but it can be helpful in improving your cognitive function and even your memory.

If you want to reap the benefits but dread the taste, fear no more! After you brew your tea, add a splash of your favorite milk, some honey, and a dash of cinnamon to sweeten it right up, and better yet, it’ll taste like a big, warm hug!

Our last honorable mention is ginger tea. Ginger is another powerful superfood that has soooo many benefits! This one is mostly known for helping out your digestive system and calming nausea, which can both be a result of stress. As far as studying goes, it increases your attention and focus. Luckily, ginger has a warming, spicy flavor that makes every sip inviting!

The Bottom Line

Finals season can be challenging, but luckily, a good cup of tea can make it a little bit easier! If you want to read more on the benefits of tea, check out Green vs. Black: Battle of The Teas or Got Superfood? Why Green Tea is Your Next One, here on the blog.

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