Green tea and black tea are two favorites in the tea community! Some may be curious as to just how different they are… or are they similar? Let’s discuss what these two amazing teas have to offer.


Let’s start by talking about how they are alike. Specifically, green tea originates in China. It has a long history of being used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Moreover, since black tea also comes from the same plant, they share the same origin. For this reason, both green tea and black tea offer many of the same benefits.


Identically, both teas contain a wealth of polyphenols, which we have discussed here on the blog before. Polyphenols are antioxidants, and the specific kind within green and black tea seem to be able to protect your heart. Amazingly, there are able to do this by preventing blood vessel plaque and reducing your bad cholesterol.

Furthermore, regular consumption of these powerhouse teas can be preventative of heart attacks and strokes! 😲 Apparently, those who drink about three cups of black tea a day reduce their risk of heart disease by a whopping 11%.

Another benefit of drinking these teas is that they can help boost your brain function. They contain that famous stimulant that we all love… caffeine! Caffeine helps your brain out by boosting the good hormones, significantly improving your mood and workflow. However, these teas have a benefit over coffee, and that is L-theanine. It comes from the caffeine within green and black tea but is not present in coffee. Interesting right?

The Little Differences

Green tea offers a powerful antioxidant by the name of EGCG. A big advantage of consuming these antioxidants is their ability to stop the multiplication of cancer cells. Furthermore, these antioxidants can also be helpful for anti-fatigue, liver protection, as well as have calming effects on you.

On the other hand, black tea has theaflavins, which is a polyphenol that is unique to it specifically. This is just another antioxidant property that’s really good for your body!

Which One Is The Best Option?

As you can probably see, green tea and black tea offer similar benefits. This is due to their origin and property make-up. The biggest difference to consider is that black tea has far more caffeine than green, as well as a bolder taste. In the end, both of these teas are amazing and should both be apart of your daily tea line up!

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