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If you have a favorite tea or coffee flavor that you love to drink specifically during different seasons, well you aren’t the only one! Seelect Tea’s wide range of teas and coffees makes it fun to pair your favorite flavors with the seasons. Fall time? Let’s drink a hazelnut flavored coffee, or cinnamon spice green tea! Is it getting a little chillier in here? Winter time calls for eggnog flavored coffee (or an eggnog latte), or peppermint tea. Spring or Summer? Bring on the iced coffees and jasmine tea.

Whatever it may be, we’ve got food pairing recommendations for your coffee or tea. We separated different kinds of coffee and tea pairings based on the seasons, and at the very bottom by moods – because sometimes a certain kind of mood calls for an out of season tea or coffee drink, amirite? 🤷‍♀️

We’re not only putting our own recommendations, but we’re also suggesting what our fans have to say. Some of the recommendations we have may not be for everyone, but that’s okay. If you don’t agree, leave a comment and suggest your favorite pairing! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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November Food + Coffee Pairing

Delicieux et savoureux What looks like a shell, is french, and tastes UH-MAZE-ING with a hot drink? Madeleines. Madeleines are the perfect snack to eat along with your morning, noon, or night time Butter Rum flavored coffee. They’re small sponge cakes that come from Commercy, France and they’re known for their shell-like shape. Their spongey…

November Food + Tea Pairing

Oh -Ginger- Snap!  What’s the first flavor you think about when you hear “it’s the holiday season”? Chocolate? Peppermint? Cinnamon? Gingerbread? These are all famously delicious flavors on their own, but what if we combined two of them? What if we did… Cinnamon flavor + Gingerbread flavor?  Are you drooling at the sound of that?…

Maple Flavored Coffee

Sappy and Sweet ____________________ . ____________________ Welcome to our FIRST Coffee of the Month pick! We wanted to choose a coffee flavor that was suitable for the season and timeless. The flavor is sappy, sweet, used with your pancakes, cinnamon rolls, salmon, pie, and much much more! Drum roll please! 🥁🥁🥁 The Coffee of the…


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Thanks for visiting our Seasonal page! We love creating recipes and recommending different foods to pair with our coffee and tea. If you have any recommendations, comments, or questions, send us a message! Hopefully our joy and enthusiasm for the blog and this page encourages you to keep coming back for more! If you love what we have, subscribe below to be notified when our next post is up!

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