Sappy and Sweet

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Welcome to our FIRST Coffee of the Month pick! We wanted to choose a coffee flavor that was suitable for the season and timeless. The flavor is sappy, sweet, used with your pancakes, cinnamon rolls, salmon, pie, and much much more!

Drum roll please!


The Coffee of the Month of October is Seelect Tea’s Maple Flavored Coffee!


Can’t you taste the sweet goodness? It’s delicious on your pancakes, but now it’s in yoUR COFFEE?! A dream come true! Maple is a pretty popular flavor during the fall season. While pumpkin spice is pretty nice, maple flavored coffee just hits a little different and NEVER seems to get old. 

Let’s be honest, pumpkin-flavored food and drinks are great, but maple-flavored coffee? Step aside PSL! This flavor is becoming all the rage and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Maple is such a versatile flavor. It can either be the center of attention or compliment other flavors. It’s a flavor that likes to share unlike pumpkin. Pumpkin tends to overpower literally anything else you add to it. Sure it’s delicious and we aren’t saying that it’s not. But what we are saying is that maple is so versatile, so it’s the perfect flavor to represent and “feel” the fall season. 

October is the first month of the holiday season. We chose a feel-good flavor that you could probably drink the morning of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. 

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