Coffee or tea? YES!

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What are the two greatest drinks of all time? Coffee and tea, obviously. They pick you up when you’re low, fuel great conversations with friends, and make your stomach feel warm and cozy to put you in a good mood.

We thought it would be fun to share with you how these drinks all got started. We researched the histories of coffee and tea, and put that info into quick reads for your pleasure. We’ve also dedicated a page to giving newly proclaimed coffee and tea connoisseurs some 101 information about the best ways to make different kinds of coffee and tea, brewing or boiling tips, and so on.

Don’t know where to start?

To learn something new, click on one of our origins pages down below or in the menu bar. There are fun facts, historical information, and rituals for tea.

Try visiting our 101 pages by clicking on an icon down below. We have recommendations on how to best make coffee and tea based on what type they are, information on some great spots to relax at, and more!

New knowledge awaits!

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Maybe you’re not interested in historical facts and information. Maybe you want to find recipes and other stuff involving food and drinks? For food and drink pairing recommendations, visit our Seasonal page. For recipes and DIY using any of Seelect Tea’s products, we recommend you visit our Recipes and DIY page!
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