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We’ve had some great times making these blog posts for Seelect Tea fans and other curious minds. From making colorful drinks to researching the benefits of coffee bean lotion, the knowledge we have acquired from making all the things that we have posted on the blog is quite unique and irreplaceable. While we may face road blocks from time to time, we still appreciate the loyalty Seelect Tea customers have and we wouldn’t make this blog if it weren’t for them.

We know what our fans’ favorites are and we love that you keep coming back for more! But on this page, we wanted to share our own opinions and preferences. Our favorite recipes or projects are in no way indicating that the Seelect Tea products used to make them are better than the rest. They’re simply the recipes and projects we either had the most fun making or we are most proud of. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Tea of the Month

Dandelion Tea: The Herbal Tea Alphabet

Dandelions have a reputation for being notoriously pesky for gardeners. However, we think it’s time you reconsider these powerful pesky plants because they’re actually pretty amazing.  What is Dandelion Tea? Did you know about 90% of the plant is used when making dandelion tea? Everything but the root can be used to make this herbal…

Why You Need These Teas For Studying

That time of year has finally come around once again. It’s finals time! Finals can mean many things. Surely, you could be graduating, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to get through a few study sessions first. With this in mind, let’s talk about good teas for studying! As we all know, studying requires…

Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Recipe

Cold brew is one of the latest coffee trends in the country. Unfortunately, a popular coffee shop cold brew can cost you about $5… maybe even more! With this in mind, why don’t we talk about how to make cold brew at home and a delicious drink recipe to go with it. 😋 How To…

Coffee of the Month

Maple Flavored Coffee

Sappy and Sweet ____________________ . ____________________ Welcome to our FIRST Coffee of the Month pick! We wanted to choose a coffee flavor that was suitable for the season and timeless. The flavor is sappy, sweet, used with your pancakes, cinnamon rolls, salmon, pie, and much much more! Drum roll please! 🥁🥁🥁 The Coffee of the…

Favorite Recipes/Projects


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Thank you for coming to Seelect Tea’s Staff Picks! We know this page isn’t what most people look for when they look for blog posts that suggest the different ways to use Seelect Tea products, but we enjoy making and experimenting with Seelect Tea products for you! We have our own preferences and hopefully you love them as much as we do!

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