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Let’s get your creativity inspired and flowing with our syrups and food coloring recipes and DIY projects! There are so many things you can make and eat using Seelect Tea’s syrups and food colorings. Syrups can be used for things like snow cones, bar mixes, and pancake syrups. Food colors can be used for the same things plus DIY projects like coloring candles and lip balms. Of course the list of possibilities doesn’t stop there, so if you want to find out what more you can do with Seelect Tea’s syrups and coloring, check out our recipes and DIY posts below!

Our syrups and food colors are organic and/or natural. Seelect Tea’s food colors are the PERFECT replacement for those unhealthy and toxic artificial colors everyone tends to use. As for our syrups, they’re also natural and/or organic, and some are even sugar-free!

Recipes and DIY leaf


Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Recipe

Cold brew is one of the latest coffee trends in the country. Unfortunately, a popular coffee shop cold brew can cost you about $5… maybe even more! With this in mind, why don’t we talk about how to make cold brew at home and a delicious drink recipe to go with it. 😋 How To…

Candy Apple Quarantini

Since we can’t go out on our Friday night’s anymore because of quarantine, we decided to make what the internet calls a Quarantini. It’s a Martini while you’re in quarantine because who said you couldn’t still have a drink and a good time at home? So let’s Quarantini but make it Fall! We’re bringing you…

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Like a hug from the inside.  Mmmm… do you smell that? A little bit of chocolate, a whiff of pumpkin, and a hint of cinnamon… it smells like a dairy-free pumpkin hot chocolate!  We are desperately waiting for the weather to cool down, but we couldn’t wait any longer. We decided to finally make some…

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