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We’re taking you all the way back to colonial times to begin this origin story of our coffee of the month. Think Pirates of the Caribbean but America. With that, you’re probably wondering, what on earth is going on? We’ll tell you… Butter Rum Flavored Coffee is what’s going on!

No, not Butter Beer you Harry Potter Fans, you! Butter RUM! If you’ve never heard of this flavor, you are not alone. This coffee flavor was inspired by an alcoholic beverage called Hot Buttered Rum. The drink is really popular during the holiday season. It’s warm, yummy, and it really is the perfect holiday drink.😉 

But where did this drink even come from and why this flavor? 

The drink used to be extremely popular in colonial times (hence the Pirates reference) because of the popularity of rum. Rum was drunk by all men, women, and children. CHILDREN! Granted it was a different time but rum was like water to everyone during colonial times. Rum was considered nutritious and good for the body while water was considered unhealthy and unsafe while . People drank rum like we drink coffee: hot, cold, morning, noon, and night. In the colder seasons, people would switch their cold rum to hot rum (aka hot toddies) and add all sorts of other ingredients to improve the flavor of their favorite drink. Ingredients like butter, sugar cane, fruit, spices, and eggs (the OG eggnog!) were popular additions to hot rum. 

hot buttered rum

Hot buttered rum has over a hundred different recipes, but most of them contain butter (duh!), rum (obviously), cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg. Either you and your family love this drink or you didn’t have any idea it existed. 

(Typically, people make this drink at home. Don’t go to a bar when they open back up and ask them to make you a hot buttered rum. They most likely won’t know how because no one ever asks for this drink anymore. 😂) 

So why this flavored coffee?

‘Tis the season of course!!! We love a classic and the flavor of butter rum is oh, so cozy for the cold months ahead! Your taste buds will fall in love with spiced flavors of butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg. What’s better than a hot cup of coffee with fall spices and warm feelings? 🤗 (Don’t worry, the flavored coffee won’t intoxicate you so you can drink to your heart’s content.)

Hot buttered rum

Get our Butter Rum Flavored Coffee here!

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