Remember in Little Rascals when Alfalfa was absolutely so IN LOVE with Darla that he would sing to her? Well that’s literally how I feel whenever I’m sipping on a cup of Alfalfa tea (bonus points if you know the song 😉).

Sometimes we all just need a nice cup of tea to get us through our day, which also happens to benefit our health. With it being caffeine-free, there’s no huge energy spike or caffeine crash. So basically, you can enjoy as many cups as you want… because you can never have too much tea.

What is Alfalfa?

Alfalfa has been a valuable resource for hundreds of years. Not only does it have a variety of medicinal purposes, Alfalfa was fed to livestock because of its wealth of vitamins, protein, and minerals. Fun fact, Alfalfa is considered to be a part of both the legume and herb family. After its discovery in South and Central Asia, Alfalfa is now grown all over the world so that people may reap its benefits.

Alfalfa’s Benefits

One of the biggest health benefits of Alfalfa is that it may help to lower cholesterol. This is because it contains a fair amount of saponins, which comes from a plant compound. The saponins are able to do this by decreasing how much cholesterol your gut absorbs. Therefore increasing the compounds that create new cholesterol. Another benefit of Alfalfa is how it improves metabolism. It contains an anti-diabetic agent that promotes a healthy metabolism. Alfalfa can also relieve menopause symptoms and boost your antioxidant intake.


Alfalfa tea is mild tasting and uplifts. It calms the throat, tummy, and the soul all at once. You may feel that it starts bold, but will soon notice the comfort it gives you.

Oh Alfalfa tea…

You are so beautiful to me. ❤️

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