There are sooooo many different teas out there. And here at Seelect Tea, we have them all! However, it can be quite confusing to know when it’s best to drink different teas, and why. Let’s discuss!

Morning Time

For all you coffee drinkers out there, tea may not be your typical go-to in the morning, but it could be helpful to know what tea to pick if you were able to replace your daily cup. Not to mention how caffeine gives you that energy boost you’re looking for, only to let you down. Uncomfortable jitters and hyperactivity will eventually lead to that dreaded afternoon slump.

So, if you like your caffeine, black tea is perfect to start the morning with. Not only does it give you the caffeine you usually have, but it will increase your focus and not let you down with that annoying crash. Nonetheless, there is a variety of black tea to choose from, naturally provides you with prebiotics, and has that comforting earthy and robust taste.

It should be noted, oolong is similar to black tea, except the flavor is far more mild.

For all you non-coffee drinkers, there’s an option too! White tea is a wonderful way to start the morning. It’s light, fragrant, and offers all the comfort you crave. If you are sensitive to caffeine or simply do not care for it, white tea won’t give you any energy spikes or crashes, which means no jitters or uncomfortableness!

Afternoon Tea and Caffeine

If you usually need a midday pick-me-up, tea can still save you! This is usually the time of day where green tea comes into play. Green tea is like black tea’s kid-sibling. Great for a caffeine boost, but way less intense than a cup of black tea. However, you may want to have green tea with or after lunch, as it can upset sensitive tummies.

Again, if you are sensitive to or avoiding caffeine, white tea or any variation of an herbal tea would be a nice afternoon treat.

Evening Picks

Finally. The best part of the day! Time to settle in, relax, and top the day off with a hug in a cup. Since at this time of day you’re probably not far from hopping in a nice, cozy bed, everyone should likely be avoiding any teas with caffeine.

The teas that are best for evening consumption offer you the opportunity to explore new flavors and even address health concerns. All-natural teas with quality sourced ingredients, such as ours, can help with issues such as restlessness, inflammation, and digestion. Teas are even a great way to get in your daily antioxidants, prebiotics, and even some vitamins.

Ingredients such as mint and ginger can help your digestion. Other ingredients like lavender, chamomile, or bergamot help you wind down and release stress. While and tasty herbal tea such as hibiscus gives you some Vitamin C!

Let’s Review

It’s important to note why you may choose different teas for different times of the day. Tea is great for the body, each kind of tea is able to do different things for our bodies! So hopefully after giving this blog a read, you’ll know what to reach for when you need a nice little energy boost, or some help letting go of daily stress.

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