Do you know just how great chamomile tea is? Well, have you ever just had a really long day, and needed some help winding down at the end of it? Me too. Of course, we all have our different ways of doing that. Rather it be watching a favorite show or making some comfort food, finding different ways to gently end your day is always helpful. Here’s everything you need to know about chamomile!

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Wait, What is Chamomile?

Firstly, chamomile tea actually comes from two different plants which are the Matricaria recutita and the Chamaemelum nobile. Secondly, the most commonly used form of chamomile comes from the German plant. Because of the appearance of the chamomile flower, it was offered to the sun gods by the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians burned chamomile for air freshening and healing abilities.

Chamomile Uses and Benefits

Chamomile tea is capable of doing so many things. Certainly, do not mistake it for a magic wand! Chamomile tea’s most common use is for treating insomnia. Overall, it helps you to sleep calmer and deeper. You can also use chamomile to soothe an upset stomach, gas, or diarrhea, while also relieving stressors such as anxiety.

On that note, chamomile tea can also be helpful for your digestive health. It assists your digestive tract by reducing inflammation and clearing out any bad bacteria. Moreover, chamomile can promote hair and skin health. As well as stabilize your blood sugar and support your bones.


Chamomile tastes like a warm hug from your favorite person! Usually, there are notes of apple and honey that gives off a mellow sweetness. Just be careful not to brew the tea for too long, otherwise it may taste slightly bitter. All in all, chamomile tea is silky, delicate, and floral. If you are looking for a warm cup of comfort, then chamomile is the tea for you.

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