We’ve all heard of green tea, but do you know about green coffee? Well, the difference between the two may not be as simple as it sounds.

Seelect Tea's organic colombian green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are your regular coffee beans, but in their raw state. Uniquely, the process of roasting beans significantly reduces the amount of Chlorogenic acid in the beans. Chlorogenic acid is where the health benefits come from in coffee. It interacts with your body’s blood sugar and metabolism.

The primary benefit of these unique beans is how it’s great for weight loss. The popularity of using it as a weight loss supplement skyrocketed when Dr. Oz featured it on his talk show. Notably, green coffee beans supposedly burn fat while also assisting with high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Moreover, it has plenty of antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

There are even more benefits to drinking green coffee. It can reduce the risk of you even developing diabetes and heart disease. However, you should keep in mind any caffeine sensitivities you may have before using it as a supplement.

Does It Taste Like Regular Coffee?

Nope. It won’t look like regular coffee either! Once you brew your green coffee beans, they will have a light green appearance and taste more like an herbal tea.

Why Should I Make The Switch?

You should consider swapping out your regular coffee beans with green coffee beans if you have or are at risk of any of the health conditions listed above. In terms of general health, the Chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans support a healthy metabolism and weight management. Shop our organic Colombian green coffee beans here!

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